My four words for 2016

Recently, I came across John T. Meyer's post. The post talked about choosing four word every year representing the themes and areas of focus for that year.

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Hackers and Body Builders

More than two years back, I took the first step towards programming in college. I noticed that the programming community in my college was bifurcated amongst competitive programmers, the people who preferred calling each other by their codechef and spoj handles instead of their real names and hackers, some of whom were known for getting selected for the prestigious Google Summer of Code. (Very few were a part of both the groups).

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Soccer CLI - How a simple CLI app went viral

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Sunday evening, I am working on my laptop while Barclays Premier League commentary is playing in the background. I am trying to do two things simultaneously but I am able to do none.

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Startups vs Mid Size companies - My take

I recently completed my internship at a mid size company and having interned at two startups before, it puts me an interesting position to compare the two. Both have their charms and their cracks. This is not to say that one is better over the other.

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A week at an ashram

Who looks outside dreams, who looks inside awakens - Carl Jung

Recently I had a chance to experience an ashram like setting at the SPIC MACAY's annual convention at IIT Bombay. I haven't been associated with SPIC MACAY for long and was made aware about it by a friend. The idea of the convention is to disconnect from the outside world for a week and connect with your inner self. Since the timing of the convention coincided with the end of my semester, I decided to participate in it.

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